We all make this mistake when preparing tomatoes

There is an important step that is sometimes forgotten

Tomatoes are used in many dishes. Not only do we like to have them in fresh salads, but they are also widely used in hot dishes. So it’s no surprise that these fun red balls end up on our shopping list every week. But are we really setting it up properly? It turns out that this step is essential in order to enjoy the taste as much as possible!

Do not skip this step when preparing tomatoes for various dishes.

Think about it: We cook potatoes and pasta in water with a pinch of salt. Ideally, the water should be as salty as sea water to make the food as delicious as possible. Well, salty like sea water might be overrated, but we definitely shouldn’t be ashamed of adding salt to the cooking water. Speaking of adding salt, why not salt those delicious sweet tomatoes? It turns out that salt is very important while preparing this vegetable to get the most out of its flavor and texture.

Flavor burst
Although it may seem a little strange, tomato and salt are a perfect combination. The salt ensures that the flavors of the other ingredients blend well. For example, salt helps bring out the sweet taste of tomatoes. Another example is using a pinch of salt when baking cakes and pastries. This also helps improve the flavor of your muffins and pies!

Multiple ingredients
So salt is indispensable when using tomatoes with other ingredients in your dish. Are you using multiple herbs and spices in one dish? If so, then the salt will help bring out the flavor of those delicious, juicy tomatoes, without their flavor overwhelming all of the other flavors on your plate!

Want to become the ultimate tomato chef? Then check out this video on the 6 best ways to chop, pulp, and chop tomatoes:

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