7x This is what your appearance says about your character and health

Whether we want it or not, we all judge others. Within a second you form an opinion about a person you do not know at all. This goes for the cashier at the supermarket, that new mate, or your handsome Tinder date. We think we can judge how smart or reliable someone is, based on appearance. It just so happens that our first impression has stopped completely, but the seven things below say something about someone’s personality. Good to know!

  • A picture is worth a thousand words
    Did you know that people can figure out what kind of person is based on an image? Research from 2009 says that just a quick glance at someone can give you an idea of ​​how confident they are, if they are religious, extroverted, attentive to details, or adjusting to them. You really don’t need much to get an idea for someone!
  • Attractive able?
    You might have already heard that people who are good looking have more reparative qualities. Psychologists call this the “aura effect.” If someone looks good, we automatically assume that they are smart or loyal. They often get paid more and have a higher chance of receiving promotions. Life isn’t really fair.
  • Face and drive
    Did you know that people judge your ability to drive based on your height and the length of your face? Tall people and tall faces are seen as better leaders. This was shown by research conducted in 2013. Strange, right?
  • Face and aggression
    People can see how aggressive you are based on your face structure. A broad face with a wide jaw indicates a more aggressive person. It makes sense because this type of face is due to the high testosterone level. Depending on your face, people can also judge how strong you are. People with a friendly face are judged weaker and you assume that people with an angry face are stronger.
  • The face and criminality
    People who appear insane are often viewed as criminals in general, according to British and Israeli research. If you have a mischievous or unreliable appearance, you are often associated with dark affairs. Research shows that people with an unreliable appearance often face harsher penalties than those who have a reliable appearance.
  • Face and health
    It’s not surprising that your appearance says something about your health. Those who smoke will have more wrinkles than non-smokers. And did you know that the number of wrinkles on your face indicates your heart? On average, people with more facial wrinkles have worse hearts, according to research conducted in 2012. Even just looking into someone’s eyes can tell you a lot about their health. Red spots on your eyes could be a sign of diabetes.
  • Body and health
    A longitudinal study of 4,000 men showed that the length of certain fingers could be associated with a prostate cancer risk. Men whose index finger is longer than their ring finger have a 33% higher chance of developing prostate cancer. There was also an association between height and the chance of disease. Taller people have a lower chance of developing heart disease, and short people have a lower chance of developing cancer. This could be attributed to growth hormones, which in some cases reduce the chance of getting sick but in other cases increase the chance of infection.

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