Why you should sleep on your left side

It has its benefits
Stomach sleepers, back sleepers, right side sleepers, we have bad news for you. Apparently, we should all sleep on our left side. Sleeping on your left side has the following benefits.

Reduces snoring
Tired of hearing your partner complain about your snoring rocking the room all night? You may be able to control this by sleeping on your left side. Especially if you sleep on your back, you are snoring louder. This is because your tongue, mouth, and jaw are completely relaxed when sleeping, so when you’re on your back, that results in snoring.

Helps fight acid reflux
Eat a lot before bed? This can cause GERD throughout the night. Not the bag, isn’t the case? Experts say you should sleep on your left side, which may help reduce this feeling.

It helps your heart
You can reduce the hard work of your heart by sleeping on your left side. If you sleep this way, it is easier for your heart to distribute blood throughout your body.

Pregnant women can benefit from this
Pregnant women are often advised to sleep on their left side. why? If you sleep on your right side, your uterus presses against the liver (which can be found on the right side of your body).

It helps the lymph nodes
Even your lymph nodes benefit from your sleep on your left. This helps your body to filter fluids through your body more quickly. Sleeping on your right side? This can make the lymph nodes run more slowly.

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