8 things that dermatologists do to keep their skin beautiful

These tricks will help your skin become healthier and younger looking

A smooth skin with no signs of aging? We all want Although we do not have complete control over it, yes, because of gravity, there are many things we can do to slow down the aging process. Dermatologists know better than anyone how to get there. So here are eight important dermatologists to keep your skin beautiful.

1. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

By sleeping on a satin pillow, you can avoid many problems. After just one night, you will have a painful drowsiness on your face. The skin products applied to your face before going to bed are also not absorbed by your pillow.

2. Eat the rainbow

Dermatologists always recommend eating fruits and vegetables. By eating enough fruits and vegetables, you provide your body with enough antioxidants. It is crucial to get healthy skin. An apple, anyone?

3. Use your earbuds

Did you know that your phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat? Neither do we! According to your ophthalmologist, keeping your phone to you is nothing but wisdom. Using an air stopper while using your phone may not damage your skin.

4. Skip the added sugars

Pathologists have known this for years: Sugar is not good for your skin. Molecules in sugar can harden your collagen, causing wrinkles to intensify. We realize that it is very difficult not to use sugar at all, but you are already doing a lot with just one scoop in your coffee or tea.

5. Protect yourself against the sun

During vacations in sunny resorts, we put a good amount of sunscreen on our bodies. But when the first rays of sunshine in the spring appear, we forget about it completely. However, dermatologists tell us that, regardless of the time of year, the sun is always the sun. And even when it doesn’t feel that intense, it is important to put sunscreen on your face. UV radiation causes wrinkles!

6. Get enough vitamins

Dermatologists pay close attention to the amount of vitamins that they ingest. To keep your skin young and healthy, dermatologists recommend getting enough fish oil. In addition, different B vitamins can improve your skin as well.

7. Skip the hot shower

Do you take a hot shower every morning? Very comforting, but not that wise. The hot shower causes many oils to leave the skin. In addition, skin inflammation can occur faster and it can cause dry spots.

8. Use the right products

It is important to pamper your skin every morning and evening with a cleansing routine. By choosing a cleansing gel, day cream, night cream or serum that contains as few additives as possible, you are doing well. Skip products with a lot of perfume which will only harm your skin.



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