This is the best way to store garlic

It will prevent the garlic from losing its flavor

Not many people can eat their meal without a clove of garlic, and they always have a bulb in the kitchen. Although this fragrant food can be stored for several months, it is important to store the garlic bulb properly. This way you get the most out of the garlic and keep it from becoming mushy and losing its flavor.

Save a whole bulb of garlic
If you cook garlic fanatically, you’ll quickly use up the entire onion. If you are not a fan of garlic or buy a large pack of garlic bulbs, it can be difficult to keep garlic fresh. You can store an entire bulb of garlic outside the refrigerator, but the bulb will likely start sprouting if you do. The garlic will still be edible, but if it tastes less pleasant.

The right temperature for garlic
When storing garlic, a temperature of 15-18 degrees is ideal. Since the room temperature is often higher than this, you need to find a good spot for the garlic. For example, the storage area closer to the floor is cooler than the upper shelves in your kitchen cupboard, so it is a better option. Also, do not place the garlic bulb near a kettle, oven, stove, or other hot appliance. In addition, choose a place where bright sunlight will not fall. Garlic is preferred in the shade.

Ventilation for storage
Garlic bulbs are usually sold in a net, and for good reason. Plant bulbs need aeration to maintain their shelf life for a long time. So it is better to store garlic at home separately than in an airtight pantry, bag, or storage box.

Store the peeled garlic cloves
Did you accidentally peel more cloves than you needed? Peeled garlic (and even sliced) can also be stored for a while. Place the cloves in an airtight storage container (yes, you can if they are peeled). The glass container is better than the plastic one because the plastic absorbs the strong garlic smell. The container should be closed tightly to prevent everything in the refrigerator from smelling like garlic. You can store peeled and / or chopped garlic in the refrigerator for up to two days.

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