The smart cooking tips that will make your life easier!

Who knew cooking could be fun and easy!
Whether you live alone, feed a large family, or work as a restaurant chef: These cooking tips can help everyone. Sometimes you forget how fun and easy cooking can be. Let’s get to work!

1. Bake an omelette or a bun marie
Au bain-marie: You may have already heard about this technique, but we usually only use it to melt chocolate. Did you know you can throw an omelette together or a bain-marie too? it is easy. Take two heat-resistant metal caps and place them in the skillet. Place the scrambled eggs in the lids and fill the rest of the pan with boiling water. Let them bake a little and see: a perfectly round mini omelette!


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2. Stock or wine in an ice cube tray
Do you have leftover stock or wine? Unfortunately, you can’t keep it in the fridge for very long, and throwing it away would be wasted. Fortunately, both liquids can be refrigerated! Put it in an ice cube tray: You can keep it longer this way. Isn’t it practical to always have some wine or stock on hand when you’re in the kitchen? This trick is fun, easy and money-saving!


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3. Let your fruit ripen faster
Do you have a green banana, solid mango, or other unripe fruit that you need to use sooner rather than later? With this trick, the fruit will ripen faster: Place the unripe fruit in a paper bag with an apple. You will notice this speeds up the ripening process a lot!

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