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Car, auto insurance mainly provides financial benefits against vehicle physical damage and also covers bodily injuries. In countries with high population density such as traffic accidents in Pakistan are part of the daily routine. So auto insurance became necessary for everyone. In this noisy and noisy situation to deal with such conditions, every driver on the road needs vehicle insurance to cover vehicle damage and personal accidents.

Motor and vehicle insurance

United Pakistan Insurance Company Limited facilitates its customers with the best confirmed auto plan. United Insurance offers affordable packages with great benefits and services as follows:

Auto Sure Plan

Covered risks:

  • Episodic external means.
  • Riots, strikes and malicious damage
  • theft.
  • Fire, external explosion, auto-ignition, lightning or frost.
  • Third party responsibility.

Value-added features:

  • Free withdrawal to the nearest shop.
  • Repair your car from the workshop of your choice.
  • UIC claims that the experts will help obtain the final police investigation report.
  • Free PA / PTD coverage for deceased paid driver / Rs. 30,000 /. (In the event of a car accident insured only).
  • The return of the dead to the driver in Pakistan for free.
  • The Union of Islamic Courts shall bear the expenses and funeral arrangements of this person.
  • No hidden taxes and fees.
  • We are committed to settling all claims of theft and total loss within 30 days after reporting / providing the required documents.

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